Country File

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Since being little I’ve been a big fan of music, dancing and dressing up! Watching Kate Bush on Top of the Pops for the first time in 1978 blew my 5-year-old mind and sent me rummaging through my Nan’s wardrobe looking for similar attire.  Out went the Bay City Roller tartan flares and in came my Nan’s frocks and flowing scarves!  A pre teen introduction and subsequent life long addiction to jumble sales kept the dressing up box well stocked with plenty to share amongst my friends. Now, aged 43, not much has changed, I still love a good rummage and I’m a sucker for cape (especially chiffon 😉 and if I’m wafting it around on a dance floor even better.  If I’ve managed to help dress a few friends on aforementioned dance floor, in my charity shop finds, then I am a happy lady. 

Blue Peter has a lot to answer for too, the crafty ‘here’s one I made earlier’ bit, set me on the road of making things out of empty cartons and cardboard to now up cycling clothes and making headdresses! I get a real buzz when my friends ask me to make them something and an even bigger buzz when they love to wear it.

With all this passion I’m amazed it’s taken me so long to finally turn my hobby into a business. It took a big life event to make me truly realise what’s really important in life. If you can do the things you love, spend quality time with the people you love and help make the world a little bit better along the way, then it’s a life well spent. So this is me having a go at living that life.  Having the confidence to lead that life hasn’t been easy but once again a TV show has had a big impact on me, only this time I’m not watching, I’m appearing in it!  I’ll be on Countryfile!  How the hell did that happen?!

Well it’s all to do with feathers…