sailing the caribbean on a budget

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Sailing the Caribbean aboard new boats in top conditions is a must: we provide the best bareboat, crewed and skippered sailboat rental Caribbean sailing vacations from 30 feet to 200 feet and 6 guests cabins. How much does it cost to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean? The 5 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise visits Orlando, Florida; Labadee, Haiti; Nassau, Bahamas and Orlando, Florida. Cruising the Caribbean on a frugal budget. Follow along with them as they sail down the west coast of the USA, down into Mexico, and across the … begin = cookie.indexOf(prefix); if (end == -1) { $ 300 per shipment in French Polynesia.) You can consider spending just about 19% of your budget on boat maintenance, which should be about $1,653 for the whole year. The good news is, Gary and Julie discovered that learning how to sail, buying a sailboat, and cruising from island to island isn’t as difficult – or expensive – as they once believed. The first time Gary Pierce and his wife Julie took a four-hour sailing cruise in the U.S. Virgin Islands, they knew they wanted to retire on a boat in the Caribbean. }, 5 Best Caribbean Islands to Live On and 2 to Avoid, Tulúm, Mexico: Retirement, Cost of Living and Lifestyle Information, Subscribe to the Magazine Today and Save 65%, IL Magazine: Discover the World's Best Retirement Haven for 2021 + 24 more, about subscribing to International Living Magazine, 5 affordable Caribbean islands to live on and 2 to avoid, 7 of the Best Cities in Spain for Your Retirement, Everything You Need to Know About Roatan Honduras, Costa Rica Private Screening Online Event. } So what’s 'out there' and what makes sailing the Caribbean so 'easy'? “We especially enjoyed being anchored off fancy resorts that charged $500 a night. Hang out at the docks and marinas and go day sailing. Next the Seas of Indonesia, then the Indian Ocean. Budget Cruising - Anchor most of the time, occasional marina visits, a few frills and the occasional meal ashore - $1000-1500 depending on boat size. Even though Gary and Julie were careful with their funds, they discovered they could still enjoy a luxurious, exotic lifestyle. What about the cost of buying a sailboat? A great way to see the Caribbean on a budget is to hop aboard a cruise. John is the 2012 & 2013's Best Selling author in the nautical markets, and now you get the best and most complete Caribbean cruising information on what to expect and how to cruise the Bahamas and Caribbean, safely, comfortably, and on an affordable boat and budget. Capt. } It is strictly BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat) they, - Cruising America's Great Loop - Once Around Is Not Enough -, Once you have cruised America's Great Loop. Ever thought about sailing around the world? You can eat most meals onboard and anchoring is free.”. Start planning your next cruise vacation by selecting a destination and departure port. “The biggest obstacle to people enjoying this dream is thinking that you have to acquire more nautical knowledge, a larger boat, or more money before you go cruising, “Gary writes. We found local doctors and dentists were excellent, and that the only difference between them and U.S. doctors was the price. “We saw several 20- to 25-foot boats that had been sailed safely all the way from Europe. I emphasize to everyone that their. The year-round warm weather, consistent trade winds and line of sight sailing, all make a BVI charter great for everyone. or many of us it’s an item on our bucket list. Where to Go. There are several options for visitors to see the Whitsundays on a budget including camping, cheap accommodation, day trips, and budget overnight trips. We value your privacy.